We look forward to serving you!

Friendly waiter!  Great recommendations for our feast!!

– J. Carter 5/13/2017

Awesome Food.  The waitstaff are always the best & great attitude.

– D. Shem 6/16/2017

Been here many times when I come for the festival.  Always good quality

– Anonymous 6/24/2017

The food was AMAZING!  You did not disappoint.  Best stuff:  Kobi Burger, Candied Walnut Shrimp & Beer recommendations.  We will come back next year if God wills.  Thank you for an awesome eating experience.

– M. Cruz 6/30/2017

Love it!  Third visit in two days…

– D. Pike 7/3/2017

Gracious + Accommodating.  Great food for a hot evening.

– Anonymous 7/6/2017

Awesome meal!  We even ordered tangerine chicken to take-away for later.

– I. Tate 7/20/2017

Amazing food and excellent service!  We will definitely be back for more!  Thank you!

– Chelsea 5/1/2017

We really liked the lobster springrolls and tried them wiht the siracha aioli and it was delicious.

– J & S Smith 3/16/2017

The hot stone bowl was the bomb!  Very authentic tasting bibimbap!

– J. Diminno 3/29/2017

Fantastic experience.  Wonderfully different.

– P. Sandberg 2/20/2017

Amazing foodl, mad my rare Ashland trip Epic!!!

– H. Goodson 3/7/2017

Wonderful…Food, Service & Location.  “We’ll be back!”

– D. Rowley 11/2/2010

I really appreciate your healthy food, pleasant atmosphere and Anthony was very helpful.

– M. Bennett 4/24/2017

Ate both lunch and dinner here.  Vietnamese Fish & Chips outstanding.

– Anonymous 3/2/2017

In the mood for something warm, spicy and/or delicious? Then Sesame Asian Kitchen is a must visit. With a menu that suits everyone at your table, Sesame had some of my fave dishes like tofu lettuce wraps and pumpkin curry.  With a chic vibe and creative menu,  I recommend this place for a fun night out with friends or even a romantic meal. A meal at Sesame is like dying and going to the veg-friendly orient heaven ; )

– healthyvoyager.blogspot.com 2009

Fantastic atmosphere, the server was kind, polite & engaging.  I highly recommend this restaurant.  * ALL the best for 2017 & beyond!

– Larry 2/1/2017

Our favorite Ashland restaurant.

– D. Hill 1/23/2017

Absolutely delicious.  Will definitely be back!

– L. Scheurman 2/18/2017

Very Pleasant place and the soup is out of this world.

–  Bebby 2/17/2017

Fabulous - I will return.  Thank you.

– S. Grece 2/14/2017

Had your food delivered.  Thought we'd come.  Glad we did!  Be back soon.

– P. Massing 1/26/2017